Nuon – Energy Energy is the potential for change

Within a product group, where customer change is the norm and the product itself is not differentiated enough, delivery of service needs to shift towards customer service. During this campaign, Nuon has improved and streamlined customer contact by actively listening to their customers. With this TVC and related tag-ons, add-ons and pre-tags they roused customers to call them with their questions, ideas and wishes, promising to do all they could to make a change for their clientele.

For this commercial we shot on numerous exciting locations. Our entire crew was on the Thialf stadium ice, on the Johan Cruijff Arena escalator, a nocturnal shoot amongst the famous works in the Van Gogh Museum and of course at the Nuon head office in Amsterdam and elsewhere.

The soundtrack was crafted by Jorrit Kleijnen whom in the meantime has gained international success with his band HAEVN.

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  • Arno Dierickx - Regisseur
  • Remco Bakker - DOP
  • Lucia Dondorp - Producent
  • Marnix Simonis - Producent
  • Vava Stojadinovic - Edit
  • Rolf van Slooten - 3D / CGI
  • Jorrit Kleijnen - Soundtrack


  • TV commercial
  • CGI / 3D animation
  • Commercial


Lemon Scented Tea

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