Nuon – It pays to stay It pays to stay

Knowing that there simply is a certain percentage of customers that tends to switch between providers, Nuon has chosen to focus on the customer base that wishes to stay loyal. To inspire this target group, a new service has been developed; Nuon Staying Pays. It is a running, increasing discount for those who choose to stay. It is one of the most successful campaigns of recent years and a pioneering business model that has lead to a much increased loyal customer base for Nuon.

“And of course the perfect occasion to make a guest appearance with my little dog”, says Rogier.

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  • Marnix Simonis - Producent
  • Lucia Dondorp - Producent
  • Arno Dierickx - Regisseur
  • Remco Bakker - DOP
  • Vava Stojadinovic - Editor


  • TV commercial


Lemon Scented Tea

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