A MINIbar is the first thing to make you feel at home in that temporary hotel room. And everywhere you travel, it seems the MINIbar has adapted itself to its surroundings. A stop-over room close to an airport will have a fizzy drink and a cold beer in it, a five star city center plaza will offer a fine champagne and some local organic juice. Glance up at the facade of any hotel, and you can pretty much tell the contents of its MINIbar. A MINIbar is flexible – whatever suits the room, it contains. This is how we operate: we select from a staggering circle of pro’s and affiliates, rather than employ a set team. So whatever the job is, we can do it. In the widest possible sense. To complete the hotel analogy, a lot of our competition are running entire hotels – with a workforce to match. We prefer to travel light. With people that we know from our hands-on time in the field. This means we can create anything. Anything? Anything! From extensive 3D IMAX theatre productions, to the grittiest 3 second smartphone AR flicks. Clearly directed projects and the magic of cooperation in fresh, uncomplicated teams. On time. …Thirsty?

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Gedempt Hamerkanaal 33
1021 KL Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Mob : +31 626 154 245 Tel : +31 20 442 0268 Email : [email protected]