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Diabetes is a complex affliction – as a patient, your day is filled with concerns about diet, medication and planning. If all this abates for five minutes, there’s always the worry. What will I have to face in terms of complications? The idea of one day without diabetes, just one day, is every patient’s dream. A moment without worries or restrictions. The film we made for the Diabetes Fund was conceptually inspired by a well known horror movie; the voice-over flows from one actor to the other. Together they tell their story, hoping the listeners will see that as much research as possible is necessary to make this disease nothing but a bad memory. Not for a day, but forever. 

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Diabetes fonds


  • Marnix Simonis - Producent
  • Jasper Faber - Regisseur
  • Jasper Faber - DOP
  • Vava Stojadinovic - Editor
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  • Medical


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