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Food photography ‘with an edge’ for a restaurant with ambitions on a five star boutique resort on Phuket, Thailand. In that case, the photography really needs to exude what the experience promises. Not your average restaurant on a luxury resort in Asia, but a restaurant that would look great as a stand-alone place in a happening London borough.

Both staff and products are of the highest order, so the pictures have to leave you with exactly this ‘taste’. So not the overly styled image you see all over the place, rather an honest and classy representation of the meals, the ingredients, the interior and the team.

And the food? It’s delicious! Fun part of our job was the necessary tasting of most of the menu. Oh, and the cocktails…

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Anantara Layan - Minor hotels


  • Harold Pereira - Fotograaf
  • Guy Trigallez - Producer
  • Rogier Dekker - Creative director


  • Photography
  • Brand identity
  • Website



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