Feadship – Corporate Cinema

In 1949 a handful of Dutch shipbuilding families pooled their resources and reputations to form the First Export Association of Dutch Shipbuilders, or Feadship. For Dutch shipbuilders, journeying beyond their borders was nothing new. But 1949 was different. In the aftermath of the Second World War, America had assumed pole position of the luxury yacht industry.

Wooing American aristocrats and industrial titans wasn’t just an opportunity. It was Feadship’s strategy for survival.

By 1957 the Feadship family comprised two iconic Dutch shipyards Van Lent and De Vries and the country’s foremost naval architecture studio – De Voogt. United by their heritage, perfectionist personalities and eagerness to innovate, these three partners forged a siganture Feadship style. They also forged a signature way of working built around four key values: Balanced, Exclusive, Ellegant and Reliable. 

It quickly became clear to all that the sum of their partnership wasgreater than its individual parts. Feadship had become the most exclusive yachting brand in the world. 


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Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards


  • Rogier Dekker - Creative Director
  • Ferenc Lorch - DOP
  • Marianne Bal - Producer
  • Vava Stojadinovic - Editor
  • Marcus Gehring - Sound Design
  • MINIbar - Motion Design


  • Super Yacht Marketing
  • Brand Cinema
  • CGI / 3D animation
  • Hololens Mixed Reality
  • Motion design



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