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Nuon – Solar tent Camping on solar energy

As part of the Sun campaign, we have invited customers to spend a weekend in a solar tent we developed ourselves. By means of a social image contest, customers could win one of the 20 solar tents, including an all-in camping weekend. The tent supplied a battery with all the energy necessary to supply the camping spot with light during the evenings and juice for all devices during the day.

Things got extra exiting when we found out one of the winners to spend a weekend was on permanent respiratory life-support and plugged in to our battery for the night. Ofcourse all was fine the next morning and our camper was super happy to camp in the wild for the first time of his life.

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  • R. Dekker - Produktontwikkeling
  • Hans Lieben - Productie
  • Bas de Weert - Elektricien


  • Product development


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