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Where all other yacht builders only allow clients to customise from existing platforms. Feadship is unique. They create genuinely bespoke super-yachts where each design starts with a blank sheet of paper. To clarify this crucial difference, between customised and pure custom creation, we have crafted an interactive tool for the world’s largest yacht shows. We welcomed the visitors to the stand by social advertising on owned channels to discover their own Feadship design DNA in a very special way. It all began with a survey-app on a paper-thin touch screen and ended with a personal and unique video and their position on a design matrix. Upon returning home, all visitors will find their unique Feadship video in a tailored e-mail, one which even takes into account their favourite colour chosen in the survey. This classy e-mail leads them to a personalised online space. Here they find the two matrices where all the individual characteristics, selections and preferences have been weaved into the perfect package, including the video. Taken as a whole it offers a fine representation of what Feadship means by pure custom creation! And visitors can now share their design DNA with the world.

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Feadship Royal Dutch Shipyards


  • Rogier Dekker - Producer/Creative
  • Bas van Driel Krol - UX/UI
  • Kreshnik Hasanaj - Lead developer
  • Marcus Gehring - Sound design
  • Vava Stojadinovic - Editor
  • MINIbar - Motion Design


  • Interactive
  • App
  • CGI / 3D animation
  • Event
  • Super Yacht Marketing



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